Hiking trails of Coteaux du Saves and Aussonnelle

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Hiking trails of the the Rural Community of Municipalities of Coteaux du Saves and Aussonnelle

Everything is ready for you to enjoy, relax, admire the landscape, see nature evolve through the seasons, discover or rediscover our heritage, so rich.

At the edge of the woods, around the corner, you have the opportunity to catch a rabbit did not follow his mother, a couple of pheasants at a later time, a covey of partridges behind a hedge, ... or a deer! That is, when the weather is conducive to the view of the Pyrenees ... Superb!

Our villages are all rich a heritage worth a visit, there a castle, there a church and its slender steeple or "Toulouse Wall" or even an old well, as many different things but so close in their achievement with this pink brick so dear to our country Saves.
This nature we love so much, we wanted you to share it. Before leaving, even if the paths present no significant difficulties, we recommend caution, be well shod, a small bottle of water in hand, summer afternoons are so hot ... Take a stick and a plastic bag to bring your waste. Nature is beautiful, let us respect it.

Circuit Belles Vues (Saiguède)

Circuit du lac (Saint-Thomas) : CLOSED

Circuit des Arroques ( Empeaux)
Circuit d’En Couillonis (Sabonnères)
Circuit de Larrouy (Saint-Thomas)
Circuit de l’Aérodrome (Sabonnères)
Circuit du Peyrigué (Saint-Thomas)
Circuit de la voie romaine (Bonrepos/Aussonnelle)

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