Welcome to Savès 31

A county in the south
of Toulouse region

Waiting to be discovered, just 40 km south of Toulouse, is a heart-warming and genuine county, dotted with lakes and forests, with fields and meadows, a great place to get “a good dose of fresh air”…

Savès 31 is the ideal destination for a quiet and refreshing break in the country for a weekend or holiday. Between the Gers hills and the fluvial terraces of the river Garonne, with the Pyrenees on one side and the lights of the Capitole on the other, everything is set for a perfect stay in Gascony.

Choose, in one of our little hamlets, a self-catering cottage with terrace or swimming-pool, a charming bed and breakfast, perhaps some accommodation that is quite out of the ordinary... or opt for the comfort of a hotel room in Rieumes.

With your partner, family or friends, share moments of conviviality and peacefulness, rich with social interaction and new encounters.

Wander along our numerous well-marked hiking trails: the magnificence of the scenery at every turn will take your breath away. Leave for the unknown, delve into the heart of the woods, and take up the Tépacap ! challenge! - an activity park set in the forest canopy where you’ll spend the day among the treetops!

Take a dip into History through the story of the Knights Hospitaller, or that of Pansette, also known as “the Martin Guerre imposter” from The Return of Martin Guerre. Marvel at the houses and castles, and at the churches made of red bricks and pebbles. This age-old building technique is typical of the region and the vivid colours stand out brilliantly against the blue sky.

Taste the flavours of typical South-West gastronomy and local fare at any of our restaurants, where the know-how is passed down from one generation to the next. At the various markets, enjoy the sing-song accent of the locals and let them tell you the story of their homeland.

Take off for the day to explore the most renowned tourist resorts of South-West France or the Great Tourist Sites in Midi-Pyrénées… You will come back from these unforgettable hikes invigorated and ready to enjoy a sweet summer evening in your beautiful Savès 31 countryside.

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Official tourism website of Rieumes and the 17 other municipalities making up Savès 31.
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  • Ste Foy de Peyrolières - Lorenzo Naccarato trio et Laurent Coulondre duo
    le 29/04/2017
    Organised by la Maison de la Terre
    Beaufort - Mayflies - Terre de Jazz
    le 30/04/2017
    Organised by la Maison de la Terre
    Saves & Muret - Terre de Jazz
    du 22/04/2017 au 30/04/2017
    by La Maison de la Terre
    Lherm - Challenge first step
    du 28/04/2017 au 01/05/2017
    Organised by Moulin de Parade
    Poucharramet - 4th Agitaterre Coffee
    le 03/05/2017
    Organised by 3PA
    Rieumes - Country market
    du 06/05/2017 au 07/05/2017
    Organised by Parish support association
    Ste Foy de Peyrolières - Yard sale
    le 07/05/2017
    Organised by Les Fidésiades en Savès
    Bérat - 12th cultural hike
    le 13/05/2017
    Reservation required
    Rieumes - Spring concert
    le 14/05/2017
    Organised by Orchestre d'Harmonie de Rieumes
    Lherm - Empy attic
    le 14/05/2017
    Organised by Lherm Youth and Cultural Centre
    Rieumes - Meeting for blood donor
    le 16/05/2017
    Hight school of Savès
    Rieumes - Blood collection
    le 17/05/2017
    Organised by 'Blood for all'
    Rieumes - 1st Fall Show
    le 20/05/2017
    Organized by Clac and "Le Petit Grain"
    Lherm - Yard sale
    le 21/05/2017
    Organised by Tennis club
    Poucharramet - Yard sale
    le 28/05/2017
    Organized by APE
    Rieumes - In the city
    du 28/04/2017 au 28/05/2017
    Outdoor exhibition
    Forgues - Delair
    le 30/05/2017
    At Ptit café de Forgues
    Berat - Invictus 2017
    du 03/06/2017 au 04/06/2017
    Organized by Bel Air
    Rieumes - Savès Hèiro
    du 03/06/2017 au 04/06/2017
    Naturally different
    Rieumes - Great contest of scarecrows
    du 26/04/2017 au 04/06/2017
    For Saves Heiro
    Rieumes - 4th wine show
    le 10/06/2017
    With the cellar wine 'Le Petit Grain'

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